Space sciences services

ACRI-ST provides services in the domain of space sciences that cover data processing, operations, data analysis, scientific support and project management support.

ACRI-ST also collaborates with academic institutions through co-funding of PhD theses as well as through student (Master) stages and traineeships

  • Processors and pipelines
  • Data archiving and distribution platforms
  • Collaborative thematic exploration platforms (Astro-TEP)
  • Web-services
  • Ground segment
  • Data reception/transmission
  • Processing
  • IR and optical imaging/spectroscopy
  • Time-series signal processing
  • Radiative transfer modeling
  • Data inversion and optimal extraction algorithms
  • Image reconstruction (re-projection, regridding, convolution)
  • Source extraction, cross-matching, image stitching
  • Support to scientific projects
  • Topics covered: Star formation, galaxy evolution, interstellar medium, astrophysical dust, planetary science
  • Project building
  • Bid preparation
  • Project management