ACRI-ST acquired recently the premises of the former astronomy study and research center in Grasse (CERGA in its french initials) to continue its development.

This responds to an strategic plan to develop a research data center for the New Space and the new wave of nano-satellites.


This project aims to develop an environmental management system for use by local authorities, associations and companies, which combines and correlates satellite data with data collected in the field by citizens who are increasingly concerned about environmental issues. The applications of such a system are numerous and relate to air and water quality, waste monitoring and reduction, the preservation of biodiversity and territorial organisation.

Ground Segment for the New Space

New Space foreshadows an explosion of very high spatial resolution data flows that are under-exploited. In Grasse, ACRI-ST intends to meet these very specific needs by setting up a centre of excellence in digital data processing for geography, geophysics and space sciences.

We are currently installing antennas for the reception of data of the LATMOS led UVSQ CubeSat.