The Europlanet 2024 Research Infrastructure (EPN-2024-RI) will provide the pan-EU infrastructure to address key scientific and technological challenges facing modern planetary science. With 56 beneficiaries, from both industry and academic sectors, providing access to 31 TA facilities on 5 continents, 4 VA services linking over 100 data services and catalogues, and a new ground-based network of small telescopes to support planetary missions, EPN-2024-RI represents a step-change in ambition for planetary science worldwide.

ACRI-ST participates on 2 work packages:

  • Machine Learning: The Joint Research Activity on Machine Learning (ML) aims to develop and provide to the community a set of ML tools to enable adoption of ML by the planetary sciences. These tools are demonstrated using a diverse set of science use cases.
  • Industry: The industry work package addresses the need for Europlanet to liaison and connect with industry and small-medium enterpreses (SMEs). As part of this effort several business-industry-academic networking activities and workshops are planned.

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